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Ottawa never lacks for something to photograph. (Running around in +35 carrying equipment through a bunch of angry people is a good workout btw.)

TL;DR - Here are some photos of protests, marches, fundraisers, all sorts of things.‍‍‍

‍‍‍‍‍‍Other Ph‍‍‍otography:

The rare times I actually get a photo of what I'm doing!

Some Hair By Me:

(I made this out of my old Fossil bag - As far as I know, the‍‍‍ only Fossil scissor holster in the world! /brag)

Mostly simple snapshots of people in the salon, literally 2-3 minute ordeals. Some fun‍‍‍ photoshoot stuff as well though!

TL;DR - Here are some "You have 30 seconds! GO! GO! GO!" photos from the salon:

Salon ‍‍‍Photography:


Hello There!

Welcome to my page of things! I am a photographer and hairstylist, and to a much smaller extent a dancer, musician, public speaker, teacher, contrarian, and eccentric nerd. This is my little spot to show off things I've done or made.

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